Replica Breguet's 2017 new model sheds light on high-complication creation technology.

From the bezel and fringe (dial edges), to the luster of white diamonds filled with rugs and crowns, replica tag heuerto the elegance of the mother-of-pearl dial inscribed with Breguet's Arabic numerals, and to the crisp pink alligator leather strap around the wrist. This year, the Breguet Rain de Naples Mini 8928 is the perfect watch for women. You can see Breguet's wit on the strap with the color used for the numeric index. The new self-winding movement with silicone hair springs adds to the charm of a mechanical watch. The case measures 33 ˇÁ 24.95mm. In addition to the white gold model in the photo, there is also a rose gold version.

Various features are packed into a 43.9mm diameter watch. The hour and minute hands are in the center, and the anchor pointer announces the date in a retrograde fashion. At 10 o'clock, the calendar is equipped with a month indicator at 2 o'clock, and the 5 o'clock at the bottom of the dial is equipped with a magnificent tour cost to compensate for gravity errors. That's a high-complication model that combines Tourbillon with perpetual calendar, which you'll find in other high-end brands. However, the best title for the watch is ˇ°Grand Complication,ˇ± because of the time-sensitive hand. If you're familiar with clocks or earth sciences, you'll know about the difference. The mean time difference is the difference between the commercial hour (mean solar time), which means normal hour and minute, and the solar hour (true sun hour), which is measured based on the actual diurnal motion of the sun. The range is -16 to +14 minutes per day. Usually, the time difference is announced separately through the sub-dial or the back case. The watch intuitively announces the difference because the time difference hands rotate and share the axis with the hour and minute hands. It's easy to describe mechanisms that require complex calculations and designs in an easy way! Another thing to note is the Equacion Cam (kidney-shaped disc) mounted vertically on the Tourbillon cage, which embodies the sun's stepwise path. In other words, an analemma curve that appears in the shape of a kidney when recording the sun's position at the same time and location for one year is included in the clock. As the curve changes, the homogeneous hand rotates. At this point, the rare platinum case and the elaborate craftsmanship of Breguet seem to be complimenting the mechanism. Rose gold version is also available.

Exposing the movement over the wrist is a common method for men's watches, but Breguet applied it to women's watches to create a unique look. The design was not easily found and was first released at Basel World last year. The off-center dial is made of mother-of-pearl with an engine turning machine to embroider a grid of clover de paris patterns (it's never easy to sculpt fragile materials!) The white diamonds set on the barrel and the bezel give off a feminine beauty. Tradition Damme 7038 is for women who want an iconic mechanical watch. Case diameter is 37mm, the material is rose gold.

This is the new version of the Rain Naples 8918, one of the most popular models. Its performance is the same as its predecessor, but it changed the details. The magnificent Breguet's unique Arabic numeral index captures the eye, while the Tahitian mother-of-pearl dial adds elegance to the watch. Shines. It's midnight blue, satin-brushed, and adds an alligator-leather strap for a more luxurious shine.

Inside the white gold case, 40 mm in diameter, the white dial features a sparkling texture. Breguet's flagship design code, the Arabic Numeral Index, blue steel ˇ°Breguetˇ± hands, and the signature signature Breguet hidden behind the 3 o'clock position adds elegance to the watch. The birth of a dress watch with outstanding temper! However, the watch is more attractive than other dress watches because it uses the Grand Enamel enamel dial and the small second window is divided by the height of the dial without a separate track mark. Only a highly skilled craftsman can complete the three-dimensional Granite enameled dial.