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The Bandiera Arancione Award

San Leo was awarded with the Bandiera Arancione (Orange Flag) Award, a recognition of quality by the Italian Touring Club, in 2004.

The Bandiera Arancione Award

The town is now part of a small but prestigious group of towns and cities in Italy that stand out for their environmental features, their rich cultural life and their food and traditions.
The award ‘’Bandiera Arancione’’ is a byword for quality. It promotes San Leo’s tourist and economic growth and increased the number of visitors to the city’s museums, now amounting to hundreds of thousands per year.
It also helped the city combine its tourist offer with the promotion of local environment and landscapes. ‘’Bandiera Arancione’’ guarantees for the quality of the city’s tourist offer, helping it get more attention at a national and international level with positive outcomes for the entire town.
Tourist promotion goals were achieved through press and advertising campaigns, and the town’s web site has now a direct link to the Italian Touring Club’s website. Tourist packages were sold outside regional borders, promotional leaflets and books were published and the town’s tourist board took part in trade fairs and conventions, which helped achieve its promotional goals.
A “marketing plan” was also devised in 2006, representing a true mean for the understanding and promotion of the Orange Flag award philosophy. Through the plan, the city aims at promoting the towns and cities awarded with the orange flag award, attract new visitors and promote cultural exchanges. Promotion has been also carried out through advertising campaigns that included brochures, internet sites, advertising in tourist magazines and participation in conventions for tourist operators. Promoting and increasing orange flag award membership and visibility is therefore one of the city’s main goals in terms of social and economic growth and tourist promotion.

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  • How to reach San Leo, in Italy Getting here

    San Leo lies in Rimini's hinterland, in southern Emilia Romagna, on the border of Tuscany, Le Marche Region and the Republic of San Marino.
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