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San Leo: Territory


The Comunità Montana Alta Valmarecchia is a local governing body associating the mountain municipalities of Casteldelci, Maiolo, Novafeltria, Pennabilli, San Leo, Sant'Agata Feltria and Talamello.


The body is thoroughly independent and aims at achieving very specific goals in terms of service providing and local promotion. It performs a variety of functions both independently, under National or regional laws, and in cooperation with the National, Regional, District or town government. Its managing board is composed by professionals and locally elected representatives who, over the last two years, achieved great results as far as service providing is concerned. An equine-assisted therapy centre was inaugurated as well as a second Social Welfare Division and citizens were offered with new, integrated services such as social security, cadastral and job-placement offices or one-stop shops for businesses and immigrants. Tree-planting and actions against water stress were among the initiatives undertaken over the last two years together with the implementation of a Museum Network in the Upper valley of the Marecchia River and the establishing of associations to protect and promote local manufacturing. The Upper valley of the Marecchia River, with the River flowing right in the middle of it, is an area scattered among Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and the Republic of San Marino, in the hinterland of Rimini. Starting from the central Apennines the valley then slopes into the Adriatic sea and gentle hills progressively leave way to limestone rocky peaks jutting out here and there. Once a disputed land, the region boasts monuments and art artifacts among the most valuable in Italy: it is rich in castles and fortresses, towns with ancient walls and towers, charming little churches, famous and less famous legends on the war between the Montefeltro and the Malatesta families.
The Upper valley of the Marecchia River is the heart of the ancient Montefeltro area, a region that hosted famous men such as Dante Alighieri, Saint Francis, Cagliostro and Ezra Pound. The region’s tourist industry is thriving thanks to a wider tourist offer: diverse natural landscapes, lush, dense vegetation, thick woods, rich flora and fauna, and panoramic viewpoints from which you can admire the entire valley and the coastal area. A special mention deserves the Natural Park Parco Naturale del Sasso Simone e Simoncello, covering an area of 4847 hectares: half of the park lies in the Province of Pesaro and Urbino and the other half in the Municipality of Pennabilli, in the Montefeltro area. Over the years, some events came to represent the area and attract visitors from everywhere: the Truffles and Christmas Fair in Sant'Agata Feltria, the chestnut Fair and the exhibition dedicated to the local cheese Formaggio di Fossa in Talamello, the bread fair in Maiolo, the fair of the Prugnolo mushroom in Miratoio, the antiques fair and the buskers festival Artisti in Piazza in Pennabilli, the fairs of cornmeal mush and the fair of mushrooms, truffles and wild berries in Perticara.

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    San Leo lies in Rimini's hinterland, in southern Emilia Romagna, on the border of Tuscany, Le Marche Region and the Republic of San Marino.
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