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San Leo: Territory


The rich fauna thriving in the nearby natural park Sasso Simone e Simoncello can also be found in the woods of the Montefeltro area. Animals silently roam its trails and paths, its village and town roads. They are scared of human beings and only show themselves to those who respect nature and look at it attentively, eager to penetrate its secrets.


The night is the favourite time of the day for birds of prey such as long eared, barn and little owls to hunt small rodents. Badgers, porcupines, foxes, hares and ungulate animals can be commonly spotted in these woods. Some birds of prey, like buzzards, hunt in full daylight in small bushes or wide clearings. The area’s many torrents are the perfect habitat for trout, grass snakes, newts, fire salamanders, toads, tree and common frogs. Blackbirds, magpies and nutcrackers are the most common birds but it is very likely you will also hear Nuthatches, European Green or Great Spotted Woodpeckers singing. The bears that populated these woods in the past are almost extinct today.

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    San Leo lies in Rimini's hinterland, in southern Emilia Romagna, on the border of Tuscany, Le Marche Region and the Republic of San Marino.
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