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The capital city of Montefeltro

The capital city of Montefeltro

The city of San Leo, known for its geomorphological peculiarities that make the place similar to a rocky island, hosts in the historic center wonderful examples of civil, military and religious architecture that unfold in space with harmony and balance. Those who have always visited the city can only immerse themselves in a unique and authentic atmosphere where you are called to breathe an ancient history and where the magical alchemy blurs the boundaries between reality and legend.

A beautiful definition of San Leo was given by Prof. Umberto Eco: "The most beautiful city in Italy? San Leo: a fortress and two churches".  (Friday of the Republic, September 28, 2007)

On June 11, 2011, in a private ceremony, the City of San Leo conferred honorary citizenship on Umberto Eco.

In the heart of the historic center, in Piazza Dante, is located the Palazzo Mediceo which houses the ground floor of the Tourist Office IAT. At the tourist office you can find all the information for visiting San Leo, the territory of Montefeltro and the Province of Rimini.

If you want to contact the office here are all the contact details:  Tel. 0541-926967; 0541916306; fax 0541-926967 email

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