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Monuments&Museums: The Municipality

Piero della Francesca´s Balconies

The Landscapes that inspire Renaissance painters such as come Piero della Francesca, Raphael, and Leonardo da Vinci are real and ridde away in the hills of the Montefeltro area.

Piero della Francesca´s Balconies

For more than 150 years, art historians have been trying to locate geographically the landscapes that inspired Renaissance painters such as Piero della Francesca, Rafael and Leonardo da Vinci. While most of them came to the conclusion that they were merely imaginary, two landscape seekers - Rosetta Borchia and Olivia Nesci, found them authentic places in 2007, hidden away in the hills of Montefeltro, an area scattered in three different regions: Marche, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. Those crags, hills, and rivers had always been there, just none could see them.
The geographical region of Montefeltro, especially in its inland area, is home to some extremely beautiful landscapes. Right between the crests and the chalky crags of the Valmarecchia area, and the gentle hills of the River Metauro valley, inspired the creation of real works of art by Piero della Francesca and other great artists. Nowadays, the area is still a work of art itself, maintaining its ancient features untouched. Preserving shapes and lines of an area is a key element to identify a historical landscape, an “art place”.
Today, thanks to these artists, The Montefeltro area is home not only to an extremely beautiful landscape, but also to an valuable cultural heritage, an heritage that Piero, Raphael, Leonardo, Bellini, and many other artists gifted us with five centuries ago. Today, thanks to them, visiting the ancient and glorious Duchy of Urbino is like leafing through a rich catalogue of art history, a unique and special one gathering and celebrating the most famous landscapes portrayed by Renaissance painters.
Itinerary in San Leo (at Varco Biforca - Tausano)
1. Piero della Francesca - Battista Sforza (from “The Diptych of the Duke and Duchess of Urbino” – Florence, The Uffizi Gallery)
2. Piero della Francesca – Saint Jerome and a Donor (Venice, The Accademia Art Gallery)

Individual visits:
Balconies are open on Saturdays and Sundays from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm. Reservation by phone is compulsory (by 1 pm of the day of the visit). Entrance ticket: 5 Euros per person that can be paid directly to the guide. Free for children under 10 years of age.
Visiting time: about 45 minutes.
Group visits (of more than 20 people):
Visits are organized every day, at any time of the day, reservation is compulsory by 6.30 pm of the day before the visit.
Reservations for visits on Saturdays and Sundays have to be made by 1 pm of the day of the visit; guide’s fee 90, 00 Euros.
For groups of more than 30 people two guides will be provided (fee 180, 00 Euros).
For information and reservations:
Association for Cultural and Social Development “Montefeltro Vedute Rinascimentali” - Tel. +39 366 9508583
Ufficio Turistico I.A.T. Municipality of San Leo - Tel. +39 0541 916306 or +39 0541 916306

Visit the website:

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